Running a youth football league is no easy task. Running a youth football league, forming an all-star team and winning a championship game in Las Vegas may be even more daunting. However, current Rock Springs YAFL president, Teno Trujillo, and former league president, Mel Carlson, accomplished the impossible.

The two football junkies joined the Beyond the Game Podcast to talk about the incredible win down in Las Vegas, Nevada that put Rock Springs YAFL on the map and crowned them national champions. The conversation also delves into the 50th anniversary of the YAFL and what changes the league has seen during the last few decades. Lastly, Trujillo and Carlson share their thoughts on what they have learned and what kind of influence the league has on local youth.

While youth sports are often overlooked, we forget the value that they carry into the lives of kids. Youth sports offer a strong foundation to build passion, skill and work ethic. The Rock Springs All-Star football team is a simple reminder of how powerful youth sports are in a small community.

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